The Experience at Southern Bride

The Experience at Southern Bride

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Dec 05, 2020

Happy December! Congratulations to all the brides who are getting engaged this month! Since December is one of the most popular months to have the most important question of your life asked, I thought giving you some information about the bridal shopping experience at Southern Bride is a great topic for the December blog! 
First off, getting that all important question asked is something you probably have been dreaming of since you were a little girl playing dress up! Will you marry me?  ...Let’s give that a moment to settle in!!!  Ahhh... you said yes!!!!!  Now  everyone you have ever known  finds out you are engaged.  PLUS, they want to go shopping with you to find your perfect wedding dress. Ughhh Great?  Let’s rent the Bank of America stadium to bring everyone that wants to come shopping….hold that thought! 
Let's talk for a minute about how there are different types of appointments and what will work best for you. What do you envision when shopping for your wedding gown?? Do you want just a small group with you? Do you want everyone? Are you easily impacted by what others think? Are you the one to go with your gut?
First, not all bridal appointments are created equal!


Southern Bride has always offered our Signature bridal appointments.  But hold on to your new ring because we are now offering Exclusive and Speciality Appointments!
Reflect on the vision you had a moment ago... Who is joining you? What are you looking for? When are you looking? Where are you shopping for your wedding gown? Do you have that vision locked in? Great!  I will guide you through our Signature Southern Bride appointment to our Exclusive bridal appointments. Yes!  There are differences. One is not better than the other.  These appointments may not be created to be equal but the most important part of the experience is that you have the day you are wanting and have dreamed.


Signature Experience 

The Signature Southern Bride Experience has kept evolving and we are known for this experience! What is it and what to expect...slow down love I’m getting there! When you book this appointment, you have a stylist who will text you ahead of the appointment to talk to you about what styles you are looking for and, of course, if you have any pictures or Pinterest board to send those photos over. You will get a confirmation text sent to you and then the day of your appointment you will show up to our 8000 square foot location.   You and your party will be greeted at one of our two entrances and taken to your own private seating area.  Your consultant will have already been texting with you to help find your bridal vision. During your appointment, your own consultant will continue to talk to you about your wedding day vision. Your consultant will help you select dresses to try on and have some already in mind for you to try on. During this appointment, we allot an hour and a half to helping find your dream dress.   Our team is passionate about each and every bride and strive to make sure you have the best experience possible! We try to keep you comfortable throughout the experience with water for you and your guests.  We offer four people plus the bride for a total of 5 people attending this appointment. There is no charge for this appointment.   However, we do put a card on file in the event of “no show,” but your card is not charged prior to your appointment.


Exclusive Experience

VIB-Very Important Bride- oh yes girl!  This is a three hour appointment with a Southern Bride Master Stylist located in our private bridal suite. This exclusive appointment includes up to 15 guests plus the bride.  This exceptional experience includes a lot in 3 short hours--bubbly and bites, professional photographer to capture this special experience, custom floral bouquet in your bridal colors, personalized music selection, a one-of-a-kind bling garter. Plus, great discounts on your accessories and a discount on your wedding gown during this appointment. You will also get to bring your bridesmaids back for a Bride Tribe exclusive appointment and the appointment charge is included in the VIB perks.    Now take a moment, Do you want the royal treatment with a large group?  Do you have a huge family and you want a way to include everyone in this moment but have someone else take care of keeping up with the memories through photos?  These VIB appointments are $475 but for a limited time we are offering them  for only $275. That is a huge savings on you being able to get the vision you dreamed. The savings you can put towards the gown  or the BIG Day.  VIB appointments need to be booked two weeks in advance but the great part is it is available outside of our normal hours and is customizable to what works best for you. 

Premier Appointment that will create a sensational story to have from your wedding gown shopping experience. This fabulous appointment is two hours and also comes with a Master stylist in our private bridal suite. This experience comes with up to 10 guests plus the bride. You also get the bubbly and bites, custom floral bouquet, a one of a kind designer garter and discounts off your wedding gown and accessories the day of your appointment. Premier appointments are $350 but also for a limited time we are offering it for $250. This appointment is also available for outside of normal hours and must be booked two weeks in advance. 
Platinum appointments are perfect for making lasting memories. This experience  includes a one of a kind lace garter, bubbly for all and a floral bouquet for the bride. This appointment is an hour and half and includes up to 5 guests plus the bride. All of this for only $125 which is great and you can make this appointment outside our normal store hours and book at least a week in advance. 
After Hours Signature Appointments are available to those who have time constraints that prevent the ability to book a time during normal store hours and they want our well-known Signature Southern Bride Experience appointment.  This appointment is $75 to cover the expenses that occur with opening after hours.  This appointment is our signature appointment that we offer during regular store hours at no charge for one and half hours.  

Speciality Experiences

Bride Tribe...Bring your crew to say “I Do.”  Bring up to 10 party members and select the perfect bridesmaids gowns for your big day.  Your crew will enjoy bubbly and bites for all in the private bridal suite.  For the low price of $150 and one weeks notice, you can book this appointment type during or after hours.

Dress Reveal Time…  Did you pick your gown with a few important people not able to join you?  This is the perfect opportunity to have a focused appointment in the private bridal suite with up to 10 guests.  The stylists treat you like the princess you are by putting you in the gown that you picked and having a big champagne toast reveal for your guests.  This appointment can have a focus on accessories like veil, hair pieces, and jewelry so you can get advice from those who were not with you during the gown shopping.  This appointment is available during and after store hours.  With one weeks notice, you can book this appointment for $100.
Sparkle Tea Party… Treat your little princess that will be in your wedding with that special moment to find the perfect gown.  You can invite up to 4 guests to join you in our private bridal suite for an amazing tea party.  We will fill your tea cups with sparkling cider or hot chocolate and serve cupcakes.  Once your princess says “Yes to the Dress,” we will have flower petals to practice for the big day.  This appointment is available during and after store hours.  With one weeks notice, you can book this appointment for only $75.

Which one matches your vision?

Not all bridal experience appointments are created equal! But not all brides want the same exact dress either! We have taken months to sculpt these appointments and made so many changes to them to make each give our brides the custom experience they have envisioned! We strive each day to elevate your experience so that when you say yes to the dress at Southern Bride, you simply know that there isn’t anything better out there because you know you already have the very best you could ever want! And that is what your fiancé said to himself the moment he said “Will you marry me?”

Till next time
Xoxo-Southern Bride






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